Spooky jobs that really aren't just for Halloween!

Love Halloween? Want a job that's all treat, no trick? These spooky jobs blend your taste for the undead with the chance to gain new skills, experience and - yes - a salary!


Love horror films, Halloween, Twilight and True Blood? If you have a taste for vampires, ghosts, ghouls and scary thrills, there are plenty of jobs that combine your passion for the dark side with the chance to gain new skills, experience and – yes – a salary! Here are Plotr’s favourite spooky jobs that aren't just for Halloween…

  1. Castle security guard Fancy patrolling the grounds, church and tunnels of a medieval fortress that’s been featured on Most Haunted? On a typical night shift, five 90-minute patrols take place, with castle security guards (who work in property and facilities management with employers like Interserve or Vinci) on the look-out for intruders. And the often-spotted ghost of the headless drummer boy, of course.

  2. Archaeologist As an archaeologist you'll get to uncover all kinds of ancient history? In 2011, archaeologists unearthed a "witch's cottage" near Pendle Hill, home of the famous Pendle witch trials. In 2015, archaeologists began work on excavating 3,000 skeletons from a cemetary which was discovered by work done on the huge Crossrails project, which youth-friendly employers Network Rail are involved in. Who knows what spooky discoveries archaeologists might make next?

  3. Phlebotomist Are you squeamish about blood? If you can put your hand on your heart and say ‘no’, you could make a great phlebotomist. A phlebotomist is someone who takes blood samples from patients, but only for good reasons, not like those selfish vampires. The work that phlebotomists do is very important. It helps get patients diagnosed and can even be part of their treatment, too. Did you know that phlebotomy is one of many medical jobs you DON'T need a degree for? You don't need formal training to become a phlebotomist - you can just apply.

  4. Biomass engineer Have you heard of ectoplasm? It's the sticky stuff that ghosts are meant to leave behind. It's meant to be full of weird ghostly energy, but not enough to power a nation, so forget ectoplasm! Biomass engineers create a cleaner source of energy for the UK using plant and animal matter. The good news is that 'animal matter' is more likely to be cruelty-free manure than eye of newt and tail of frog. For 'plant matter' think recycled wood, not flesh-eating monster plants. The work of biomass engineers sounds like something Dr. Frankenstein would create in his lab... but much safer!

  5. Stage manager As well as being in charge of the technical side of any theatre performance, the stage manager is often the last person to lock up a big, empty theatre, long after the audience, actors and rest of the crew have gone home…

  6. Hair and make-up artist Hair and make-up artists aren’t always hired to make people look prettier. Some specialise in transforming gorgeous actors into gnarly old villains using the latest cosmetic products, tools and techniques.

  7. Underwater salvage operator Want to dive miles down to the bottom of the sea to inspect the wreckage of ships that have sunk, Titanic-style? An underwater salvage operator does just that.

  8. Museum curator Museums have long corridors, and lots of ancient artefacts rescued from tombs, war zones or ancient ruins, which can be pretty creepy. Museum curators working late at night will often realise they’re the last person there…

  9. London Dungeons team member The capital’s famous scare-attraction is always looking for staff with a taste for the macabre. The London Dungeons team includes actors, performance supervisors (who help the actors create frights for guests) dungeon keepers (who supervise visitors), ride engineers (who ensure the rides are safe) and display technicians (who set up the smoke machines and flame baskets).

  10. Zombie Zombie experience days – like paintball, but you shoot actors dressed up as zombies – are big business, particularly for stag parties. Gift website Wish.co.uk has cornered the zombie market and is currently running a 1940s Zombie Blitz, Zombie Battle London (which you may have seen on TOWIE) and their classic Zombie Shopping Mall experience.

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