Transport careers - switch up to a better connected future

Could transport be your ticket to a first class career? Top transport employers have joined together to help you explore career options and arrive at a very special destination. It’s your move.

Discover A Better Connected Future

Transport and the infrastructure that supports it has so many careers to choose from. If you’re creative, hands-on, a people person, a word-wrangler, an explorer, a science lover - or all of the above –there’s something that’s right for you. There are lots of routes into those careers too. Apprenticeships? Entry-level and graduate roles? They can all help you get connected with a better future.

Be a part of tomorrow’s world today

HI-TECH TRAINING: Out-of-this-world technology is being used in transport and you can be a part of that. Thinking about apprenticeships? You’ll be using virtual reality (VR) technology when training at the National Skills Academy for Rail Ltd (NSAR). It’s like stepping into the actual future.

HOT TIP: did you know that VR can be used in training too? Engineers can learn in virtual reality as well as on the tracks. In fact, some roles ask you to create the VR training courses that those engineers use – like being a creative director at Pauley.

HIGH-TECH CAREERS: Like SIMS? Love Minecraft? Get into create mode with Building Information Modelling (BIM). It can help you build almost anything. It’s changing how designers, architects and planners for the railway work today.

Turn your interests into a career

Do you like creating things and working with your hands? You could use them to shape your career too. That’s what Network Rail signalling design engineer Dabi did.

Or you could crack on with your code skills, like Transport for London software developer Kunal. He got into coding after being inspired by a family friend when he was in his teens. He did it for fun, but also studied it at university. Now he gets paid for it.

TOP TIP: Your hobbies and interests are part of what makes you tick. They help you learn and grow. The qualities and skills you pick up can help in your career, too. See how to turn your hobbies into interview gold.

Open up hearts and minds

Imagining understanding what people think and feel so well it’s spooky! There are lots of jobs in transport where you explore what people want and need. Then you can make things better with the insights you’ve revealed.

You could dream up the perfect journey as a customer experience designer, for example. You could look into ways to help people switch from relying on cars to using bikes, trains and other kinds of transport more often as a transport planner. Or you could study the travel patterns of commuters as a head of analytics. And these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Transport is all about people – and there are so many exciting ways to improve that journey.

A better connected future - Transport Careers

Transport is all about connecting people and places. Forget everything you thought you knew about transport careers. When you join the dots, you'll see the BIG picture.

A better connected future

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