What careers can you do with a construction NVQ?

The construction sector is much more than working on a building site and laying bricks. See what you could do with a level 2, 3 or 4 NVQ in construction.

The UK construction sector is bigger and more varied than most people ever imagine. It's also the safest in Europe and focuses on green technologies and sustainability (this means that the environment is protected too).

How many construction careers can you think of?

Five? Great.

Ten? Amazing.

How about 50?

Plotr has nearly 50 construction careers for you to explore. You could get stuck in with anything from archaeology and heritage to environment management and civil engineering. If you want to work with 3D design, fly drones, protect our ancient heritage or be part of world-famous mega projects, there's a role in construction for you - and there are lots of chances to get your foot in the door, too. Many employers offer construction roles to school leavers, apprentices and graduates. They often draw on the varied skills of people from different backgrounds, because it helps them make the most of new technology and a diverse way of working. So it's good for them to hire you - and good for you, too.

There are around 2.5 million people working in the construction sector in the UK. NVQs are a great route in, because they're nationally recognised qualifications which show you can work on projects in a way any employer would be proud of (in other words, in a way which matches official National Occupational Standards). Construction NVQs run from level one (which covers basic work skills) all the way up to level five (which enables you to pursue senior management positions). So whether you’re in the beginning stages of getting your NVQ or are progressing along up the ladder, here are some example roles you can snap up with an NVQ in construction.

What careers can you do with a construction NVQ?

HS2 Careers World

Are you interested in creating real change? Using technology to put the passenger in control? HS2 is building the country's biggest mega rail project and are looking for young people from every background with a whole range of skills.

Some HS2 construction careers:

  • HS2 Landscape Architect
  • HS2 Ground Investigation Engineer
  • HS2 Archaeology & Heritage Lead

Visit HS2 Careers World

Costain Careers World

Costain is a very large engineering and construction company that designs, builds and manages infrastructure all over the UK. They do a lot of work with young people, like visiting schools and supporting the Prince's Trust. Their construction jobs could be a way for you to build your future.

Some Costain construction careers:

  • Costain Trainee Quantity Surveyor
  • Costain Civil Engineer Graduate
  • Costain Electrical Maintenance Apprentice

Level 2 NVQ

Examples of the many careers available with a level 2 NVQ...

Access Floorer

You will be installing raised floor systems. This includes working in a range of settings, from houses to airports - wherever people need raised flooring, really. This kind of flooring hides electrical and computer cables and at the same time gives people access to them.

Bedroom and Bathroom Fitter

Bedroom and bathroom fitters install bedroom furniture and fittings as well as all aspects of a bathroom like baths, sinks and toilets. Bathrooms fittings can be made in different buildings like homes, businesses and sports facilities. What's the job satisfaction like? Bedroom and bathroom fitters say they enjoy walking into an empty space and creating something that will last and can be used every day.

Cavity Insulation Installer

In this role you'll be fitting insulation materials into buildings such as damp proofing, lost insulation and cavity wall insulation. Work can take place both indoors and outdoors in a variety of buildings.

Interserve Careers

They've seen pirates on the Thames, two World Wars, expansion across the globe and today Interserve are one of the top 20 employers across the UK. They've got all kinds of ways into a career in construction, architecture, engineering, property and facilities management.

Construction careers with Interserve:

  • Interserve apprenticeships... what could YOU do?
  • Save the planet with a sustainability career at Interserve
  • AMAZING: This Interserve director started with a construction apprenticeship at 16!

Balfour Beatty Careers

Balfour Beatty are a construction and architecture company who recruit over 100 apprentices a year, with 450 currently being trained up to go far. If you're a school leaver, student, undergraduate or graduate, they have lots of opportunities for you to join the business at different stages of your education.

Construction careers with Balfour Beatty:

  • How to get a graduate job in civil engineering at Balfour Beatty
  • Job hunting tips from the Balfour Beatty experts
  • HOW DID THEY DO IT: Watch Balfour Beatty videos

Level 3 NVQ

Examples of the many careers available with a level 3 NVQ...

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are responsible for the design, development and maintenance of electrical systems and components of buildings, rail networks and power distributions. Their work consists of working with lighting, heating, information systems and ventilation. In addition to this their role involves them working with renewable energy sources too. As an electrical engineer you can expect to be involved from the conception of projects, right through to implementation, testing and completion.

Field Technician

If you like to assess and solve problems affecting equipment then this may be the role for you. Field technicians are experts who travel to sites to troubleshoot equipment issues, mainly with products that aren't easy to transport. They provide customer support and service during their field visits and manage all on site installations, repair, and maintenance and test tasks. They might be working for a product manufacturer, or they could be employed by a dedicated team of repair people.


Plumbers are in charge of anything involving pipe work on a construction site. They’re always in demand, either to fix systems or install new ones. Plumbers in construction may be needed to fit weatherproof materials, chimneys and walls. Locations can vary from being cramped in a small space or outside a building or rooftop.

Taking a lead in sustainable construction, Aggregate Industries can offer highly ambitious apprentices and graduates the chance to develop a career where they can literally help shape the future.

Construction careers with Aggregate Industries:

  • Learn by doing with a higher apprenticeship with Aggregate Industries
  • What career routes are there with Aggregate Industries?
  • DISCOVER: advanced engineering apprenticeships with Aggregate Industries

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Wherever you want to go in life, taking a course and making the effort to learn something new will always make your CV shine. It shows you’re proactive and imaginative with how you spend your time, and the skills you gain will make you an asset to any team you join.

NVQ Level 4

Examples of the many careers available with a level 4 NVQ...


Buyers have a lot of responsibility not only to buy and manage essential materials for projects but also make sure the price is right for a project's budget. Buyers can be expected to discover potential suppliers, negotiate the very best cost and buy products as well as ordering and organising the delivery of materials for a project. Buyers are trained to take health and safety into consideration too, and work closely with the estimator to make sure that accurate costs are provided.

Although there are no formal qualifications required to become a buyer, GCSE’s in English and Maths are useful. Some buyers may complete a level 3 NVQ in construction management - this is a solid foundation for them to take on more responsibilities and become real experts at what they do.

Heritage Consultant

We’re very lucky to still have heritage sites around the world, from listed buildings to Stonehenge! When it comes to looking after these buildings, heritage consultants are at the forefront when it comes to managing heritage issues on construction sites. Heritage consultants work with architects, building owners and other professionals as part of a team to make sure planned work is in line with the specific characteristics of a heritage site building.

Consultants research the history of heritage buildings and suggest ways to preserve and even incorporate features into renovation or restoration plans.

If you’re interested in getting your career in construction started, visit Training and Courses where you can find thousands of courses in the Construction sector.

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