Customer Service Assistant at Transport for London

What is a Customer Service Assistant?

Interested in a varied role where you’ll have a positive impact on thousands of customers’ journeys? Want to work for one of London’s most iconic modes of transport? With a career in customer service, you’ll be interacting with many different people to bring them the best service possible, in a role with lots of variety and great opportunities for career progression.

Your main mission in this role is to deliver excellent customer service to all customers of the London Underground. This includes assisting customers at the self-service ticket machines, assisting elderly passengers onto the platform, attending the automatic ticket barriers and helping to reduce service disruptions on the platform.

DID YOU KNOW? The busiest tube station is Oxford Circus, used by around 98 million passengers in 2014.

What does a Customer Service Assistant do?

Transport for London’s Customer Promise is that Every Journey Matters. Frontline customer service staff can be found across London’s transport network. As a Customer Services Assistant for London Underground (LUL) you’ll ensure that all users of LUL (London Underground) are safe and happy with their journey. You’ll mainly be based in a LUL station, helping customers purchase tickets, assisting customers at the ticket barriers and playing your part to make sure that staff and members of the public are safe at all times. You’ll be the public face of the London Underground, ensuring that all customers have a positive journey experience.

As well as this, you’ll be responsible for minimising disruptions to the train service and you’ll also liaise with other members of staff to report any incidents and defective equipment that you come across.

You’ll operate, check and inspect station equipment, noting down any faults you come across. This is an important part of your role, as it’ll ensure that both passengers and staff can use the equipment safely.

As you can see, there’s a lot involved in giving great customer service on the London Underground, with plenty of variety and room to grow!

Is a career in customer service right for me?

Maybe you already have great customer service skills? Or you are empathetic to the needs of others? Can you be friendly, persuasive and sensitive? Want to be part of a transport network that helps up to four million passengers every day? Want to learn how the London Underground operates and get lots of great opportunities for career progression?

If so, a career in customer service with Transport for London could be the answer.

How to become a Customer Service Assistant

There are many routes into a customer service role, including doing a Transport for London apprenticeship. Some previous experience in customer service will be very helpful to you and will make your application stand out.

Once you get the job you’ll be trained in all kinds of procedures in the underground station. These include how to respond to emergency situations, station safety procedures and how to carry out inspections on station equipment like escalators.

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