HS2 Archaeology & Heritage Lead

How to become an HS2 Archaeology and Heritage Lead

Most archaeologists have a degree in the subject, or in a science-related field. Many archaeologists who work in senior positions also have a master’s degree or postgraduate qualification. These qualifications will make you stand out from other applicants and will be seen as very valuable in the eyes of an employer.

To be an archaeologist, you may find the following qualifications useful:

  • A degree in archaeology or a science subject
  • A degree in history
  • A master’s degree in archaeology or a postgraduate qualification
  • A HND in archaeology

It’s important that you have some practical experience before applying for jobs. Archaeological associations often provide details about fieldwork that students can get involved with. You can find more information about this on the Council for British Archaeology’s (CBA) website.

Other sources of information about how to get started or get involved can be found at:

  • Archaeologist Training Forum
  • Chartered Institute for Archaeologists
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