HS2 Engagement Adviser

What does an HS2 Engagement Adviser do?

An HS2 Engagement Adviser would do some of the following on a typical day:

  • Support engagement activities along the route – this could mean going to an event in a village, town or city to share what’s happening with the project and gather feedback from local communities.
  • Use information sharing and project management tools, such as GIS to better understand other communities that are not on the direct line of route but are still affected by the project – like businesses and wider school communities.

For more information about what Engagement Advsiors do, have a look at Charlotte Bowen’s career story.


Engagement advisers are generally expected to be available during normal office hours (9:00 to 5:00) – but they also need to be quite flexible, as many meetings take place in the evening and occasionally at weekends.

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