Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT)

Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT)

Type: Charity

Founded: 1930

Employees: 25

Industry: Transport&Logistics

  • Renata Barnes

    As a road safety engineer you’ll study roads and look at ways to improve their safety. You’ll analyse statistics for road traffic collisions and spot trends and patterns. Part of your role will be to carry out reviews on highway improvement schemes to ensure that they are safe for road users.

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    Renata Barnes Road Safety Engineer

  • Maamle Okutu

    As a highway engineer you’ll work with a team to improve infrastructure and highways. You’ll oversee construction and improvement schemes and flex your creative and logical muscles as a principal designer too, making sure that all plans and designs meet safety legislation.

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    Maamle Okutu Highway Engineer

  • Rowland Gordon

    As a highway maintenance manager you’ll be responsible for a team of maintenance workers who carry out work on highways, highway structures (e.g. bridges), traffic assets (e.g. traffic lights) and drainage and flood defence systems. It’s a highly important job as people use highways every day and rely on you to protect their homes and major roads.

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    Rowland Gordon Highway Maintenance Manager 

  • Melissa Vento

    As a senior transport planner you’ll work on policies, projects and plans to improve all kinds of transport systems including public bus routes, cycle paths and roads. You’ll also work on brand-new transport systems, exploring what kind of special infrastructure requirements they’ll need (like bus stops, cycle and car parking, for example).

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    Melissa Vento Senior Transport Planner 

  • John Paterson

    As a highways asset manager for the transport industry, you’ll make sure all these things are in good working order and safe for the public to use and travel on.  You’ll do this by managing, monitoring and keeping track of all those assets. You’ll also use your analytical skills to give advice on where to invest money in new assets or upgrades.

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    John Paterson Highways Asset Manager 

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