Type: Public

Founded: 2009

Employees: 500+

Industry: Government, Politics & Public Sector, Science and Research, Transport & Logistics

Are you interested in creating real change? Using technology to put the passenger in control?

More than just a railway, HS2 is about unlocking our potential, and making better connections between people and places. It’s about finding new skills, growing new industries, and starting thousands of people on a rewarding career.

This takes ideas, and it takes creativity. We need people from every background, with a huge range of skills – everything from business and technology to engineering and design.

Together, we’ll build the country’s biggest mega project, and get Britain moving in all the right directions.

Working for HS2: what could YOU do?

Our business careers are all about teamwork. Can you get companies, the government and the public to work together?

Or maybe you’re a problem solver? Our engineers need the confidence of an inventor, plus technical talent to make their ideas work.

From the first surveys through to the finishing touches, our construction project comes with big opportunities. If you’ve got the skills, we’ve got the kit...

Love new technology? We’ll use next-generation systems to plan, create and run the railway. It all adds up to an amazing passenger experience.

Railway systems are the heart of the project: they’re the key to faster journeys and better connections. The National College for High Speed Rail can help you develop the technical skills you need.

Design isn’t just how it looks, but how it works. Use your style and invention to create an instant classic – one that millions of people will love.

If you’ve got a passion for ecology, you could restore natural habitats and help the environment. Or you could investigate, discover and preserve our heritage on Britain’s most ambitious archaeology project.

Careers at HS2

Did you know?

  • HS2 trains will run direct to eight of Britain’s largest cities
  • HS2 will be able to run 18 trains an hour: that’s nearly one every three minutes
  • At top speed, they’ll travel at a hundred metres a second
  • HS2 trains can carry up to 1,100 people – more than the world’s biggest passenger jet
  • Our high speed railway has the capacity of a three-lane motorway, but it uses around three times less land
  • Manchester to London in almost half the time? HS2 will cut one hour off one of the most popular long-distance train journeys
  • Around 300 field archaeologists will be needed over the course of the project
  • HS2 will create up to 25,000 jobs in construction
  • We still drive on roads originally built by the Romans. We travel on railways built by the Victorians. Inter-continental jets land at airports whose origins lie in the Second World War. HS2 – it’s time.
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