National Skills Academy for Rail

National Skills Academy for Rail

Type: Public

Founded: 2010

Employees: 22

Industry: Transport&Logistics

The National Skills Academy for Rail is an organisation established to enable the sector to deliver a modern and efficient, world class railway through the development of a highly skilled and productive workforce.

NSARE was established in November 2010, and NSARE Limited was incorporated in January 2011 as a ‘not for profit’ company, wholly owned by its Members. In December 2015, we dropped the ‘E’ from our name to reflect the wider industry view that we focus on all aspects of the rail industry not the engineering elements. Today we have in excess of 360 Member organisations and in June 2013, we were presented with our BS 11000 Certificate of Registration for Collaborative Business Relationships.

NSAR is the leading voice of the rail industry for people and skills and provides advice on a wide range of issues. NSAR exerts its influence in several ways such as, taking a position in the media, direct discussion with government ministers, participation on governance and strategic industry bodies and committees, discussions with civil servants, responses to consultation documents on behalf and through production of research and policy papers.

NSAR Key Activities

People & Talent Planning

NSAR supports by helping members to determine the shape, size and skill sets needed now and into the future so they are well placed to maximise opportunities to grow their business. NSAR also works to develop strategies to retain skilled people and generate the managers of the future.

Development of Apprenticeship Standards and Assessment Plans

NSAR supports in the development of new Apprenticeship Standards from Operative to Master Degree to make Rail Apprenticeships more flexible and focused to address future business needs and embrace the scale of technological and operational change faced by the industry.

Apprenticeship Service

The Apprenticeship levy, introduced in April 2017, affects all organisations both large and small. NSAR can explain what this means, and the financial implications and how to implement the levy scheme within a business.

Quality Assurance

The QA team is dedicated and passionate about ensuring that high quality, cost effective training and assessment is available and being delivered to meet the needs of the industry.

Bid Support

For ‘must win’ bids, NSAR can provide expert and objective consultancy to challenge thinking, help develop a winning strategy or simply review what your bid team have written.

Training facilities and academies

NSAR’s National Network supports professional development and training throughout the UK. The network ensures there is access to quality professional development and training throughout the UK. This aligns organisations with other like-minded organisations across the country, offering the best in the field of education and training specifically tailored to rail. NSAR support the network members by representing their interests, promoting the results they achieve and connecting them with opportunities for even greater success.

Networking and Industry Workshops

NSAR’s programme of regular networking and industry workshops provide the perfect opportunity for organisations to debate, share knowledge and develop solutions to common issues and challenges in a non-competitive environment.

SkillsID: Supporting employers & assured providers

SkillsID is an online record of an individual’s skills, competencies, qualifications and training plans that is accessible by both the employer (sponsor) and the individual.

NSAR's Role - Voice of the Rail Industry

NSAR occupies a unique position sitting between key organisations in the sector and having strong links to each. This enables us to approach & communicate with Government on behalf of the industry and provide a quick and easy route for Government to consult with the industry.

Placement Service – NSAR-CONNECT

NSAR make the task of taking on an apprentice simple and easy by providing an end to end managed recruitment and training service by pooling demand and brokering collaboration between employers to share investment and reduce costs. This appeals to employers who can only engage a very limited number of apprentices as NSAR can pool the candidates across a number of employers to create a viable cohort that makes commercial sense.

Benefits of NSAR Membership

NSAR has in excess of 360 members, and growing. This includes:

  • Railway companies
  • Training companies,
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Qualification Development and Awarding Organisations

As a member of NSAR Limited, organisations are able to:

  • Influence and shape the future development of the National Skills Academy for Rail
  • Take part in working and policy groups that inform the Sectors skills strategy
  • Attend NSAR events & take part in NSAR public relations opportunities
  • Benefit from Government exposure as an NSAR member and industry leader with regard to skills development
  • Influence and support NSAR lobbying activity with regard to UK skills strategy
  • Attend and vote for & elect NSAR board members at the AGM
  • Benefit from the products and services developed by NSAR in response to employer demand that will support the long-term sustainability and attractiveness of the industry.
  • Be listed on NSAR promotional material and on the NSAR website with links to their own website.
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