Young Rail Professionals

Young Rail Professionals

Type: Not-for-profit

Founded: 2009

Employees: NA

Industry: Transport&Logistics

The Young Rail Professionals (YRP) was founded in 2009 to promote, inspire and develop the next generation of railway talent. The YRP brings together people from all aspects of the industry, whether they are involved in engineering, asset management, train operations, strategic planning, maintenance, franchising, regulation, marketing or human relations. The YRP is open to any young rail professional. 

To enhance and inspire our members, the YRP delivers Networking and Professional Development opportunities including technical seminars, presentations, site visits and socials. We work closely with a number of professional institutions, running regular events with the Institute of Railway Operators, Women in Rail and many more. A full list of our collaborators can be found here. We also run a Rail Ambassadors programme, providing opportunities for members, now totalling over 3,500, to visit schools, colleges and universities to attract the next generation into this dynamic industry.

YRP is free to become a member (simply register on our website) and we do not charge for our professional development events. Networking events are subsidised through our corporate partners. Young Rail Professionals is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and is run by a committee of young volunteers from within the rail industry.

Who are we?

Young Rail Professionals (YRP) Ambassadors Programme is one of YRP’s valuable deliverable for the rail industry. The YRP Ambassadors provide a positive and insightful outreach presence in schools, colleges, and universities on behalf of the rail industry. We are the face of our industry, promoting and inspiring the next generation into rail. This programme is here to support the development, expansion and maintenance of a first-class, cost effective, 21st Century railway.

YRP Ambassadors come from all areas of the industry and represents all levels from frontline personnel to senior management and key decisions makers. Building upon YRP’s diverse membership, our ambassadors come from all over the business; Operations, Commercial, Engineering, Rolling Stock, Track, Signalling, Finance, Planning, Design, Legal, Retail, Construction, Recruitment, Software…

Julianna Moats, YRP London & South East Vice Chair, explains the aims for the public profile of the Ambassadors programme, “Young employees represent the ‘face’ of their respective companies and of the wider industry, as they are shining examples of diversity and enthusiasm. It is hoped that employers will see the value in committing their graduates and apprentices to the YRP Ambassadors programme, as it offers a companies a way to engage with their young staff, providing them with an opportunity to share their career experiences and to represent their company as a leader in the rail market, in front of an audience of potential future employees.”  

What do we do?

YRP Ambassador Programme runs several projects throughout the year.

  • ”into rail”, a joint venture led by YRP Ambassadors. Click here for more information, https://www.youngrailpro.com/ambassadors/into-rail/
  • Provide rail presence at Career Fairs
  • School visits and outreach activities
  • Provide volunteers and support at STEM or rail promotion events such as Go4SET, Big Bang, TeenTech, Next Gen Rail etc

All our ambassadors brings along with them unique experience from their career in rail and great passion for the industry.  

into rail

into rail is a joint venture between organisations and institutions from across the UK rail industry that aims to address the skills gap in railway engineering in this country. It was set-up by Routes into Rail and is led by the YRP with help from the various professional institutions and organisations.

into rail strategy is to educate university and college students on the opportunities available in the rail industry through giving on campus presentations highlighting potential careers in rail.

In 2014-2015 the programme reached 16 universities and engaged over 180 students.

Why are we doing this?

The purpose of this presentation programme is to promote railway engineering. The common message through this presentation programme is one of industry promotion, inspiring and enthusing university engineering students to consider a career in the rail industry. The bias towards Engineering was decided upon in order to respond to the current industry skills gap.

The presentation and message covers the following:

  • Demonstrate the passion of people in the rail industry have for their work and the industry and why;
  • Highlight that the railway is a multidisciplinary industry where a holistic approach is needed;
  • Explain some of the complexities of the industry;
  • Highlight the growing amount of opportunities due to the skills gap;
  • Demonstrate the promising growth of the industry;
  • Showcase large scale projects in UK and around the world;
  • Demonstrate that skill sets are transferable and very favourable within and outside the industry;
  • Showcase the positive impact of the rail industry in society;
  • Showcase the diversity in the industry and its growing requirement for women in the industry;
  • Showcase the wide range of institutions and organisations available to support the students in their career.  

Rail Week

Rail Week is a pioneering pan-industry initiative to bring the rail industry in all its guises closer to schools, teachers, career advisors and students. 

Rail Week celebrates the diverse and rewarding career opportunities available across the rail sector. The dedicated week of activity aims to address the skills shortage in rail-related roles and inspire a generation of young people through a series of events, visits and talks. The events for people at schools, colleges and universities aim to encourage them to consider careers in our great industry. Rail Week will also include a widespread schools outreach programme, facilitating ambassadors to get into the classroom and deliver inspirational activities designed for Rail Week. The Rail Week initiative has been the brainchild of the YRP and organisations across the rail industry are involved by hosting events and reaching out to schools, colleges and parents in their area.

In 2017, Rail Week successfully brought the industry together and engaged over 3000 students, parents and teachers, making it the biggest Rail Week yet.

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